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A. Standard Courses

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A-1. Atomic Bomb Course

At 11:02am on August 9th 1945, the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The city was destroyed in an instant, and 75,000 people perished. This tour will take you through the Atomic Bomb Museum, displaying photographs, relics and documents related to the bombing and advocating for nuclear abolition. The Peace Park has 16 peace monuments that were donated by cities around the world. Every year a memorial ceremony is held on August 9th.

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A-2. Dejima Course

To prevent the spread of Christianity in Japan, a small manmade island was built to intern Portuguese missionaries. This island, Dejima, later housed Dutch traders during Japan’s period of isolation for 218 years. Dejima was Japan’s only window to the rest of the West, and it now exhibits an interesting time capsule of discovery and international relations in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

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A-3. Glover Garden Course (World Cultural Heritage Sites)

When Japan reopened in 1859, Scotsman, Thomas Glover entered the country starting an exciting period of foreign trade and rapid industrialization. Pioneers and entrepreneurs such as Ringer, Alt and Walker boosted Japan into the modern age. Buildings, artifacts and stories have been preserved in Glover Garden, with Glover House a UNESCO world heritage site. You can enjoy beautiful views of the harbor and learn about this exciting time in Japans history.

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A-4. Suwa Shrine Course

Suwa Shrine is one of the most prominent shrines in Nagasaki and is the origin site of the famous Nagasaki Kunchi Festival held every October. This shrine was destroyed by Jesuits, but was revived in 1625. You can discover many Shinto deities hidden around the shrine and get your fortune slip from the first place in Japan to offer it in English.
(Entrance to Suwa Shrine is free.)

B. Other sights

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B-1. Mt. Inasa Course

At 333metres high the Mt Inasa observatory boasts a stunning 360degree view of Nagasaki’s harbor, city, mountains and islands. The night view was regarded as one of the best three night views in the world along with Monako and Hong kong in 2012. Day or night you can enjoy a birds eye view of this beautiful city.

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B-2. Down Town Course

We will take you to attractions that are walking distance in Nagasaki city centre, including the Spectacles Bridge, China town and shopping areas. You can enjoy the city without the worry of losing your way.
The city centre tour has no additional fees.

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B-3. Sotome Village Course

The settlement of Sotome is one of Nagasaki and Amakusa's Hidden Christian Heritage sites.
From Central Nagasaki, Sotome is about one hour away by car.
The settlement of Sotome was depicted in the Hollywood movie 'Silence' and showed the persecution of Christians here.

During the Meiji period, Father de Rotz built the Shitsu Church and Ōno Church.
Beautiful sea views can be seen from here.

Three Kinds of tour services

Nagasaki Walks offers three kinds of tour services. When making a reservation with us please indicate which service you would like from the options below.

Welcome Attendant Tour Route Expert Custom Tour Plan
You can choose one place or area you would like to go and the attendant will help you get there and accompany you for your visit. (Total time: 2 hours) These guides are well versed in 4 of the most popular tourist spots in Nagasaki. You will meet them and have a personal tour of one of the locations.
(Total time: 2 hours)
You can choose up to 3 of the Sights from our website and the tour guide will create a custom tour for you.
(Total time: 4 hours, starting between 10am and 1pm)

Nagasaki Walks Pricing

The pricing for Nagasaki Walks is detailed in the table below. We handle the payments when you first meet with the guide at the arranged meeting spot. Please prepare your payment in Japanese Yen.

Welcome Attendant Tour Route Expert Custom Tour Plan

2 hours

1,600 yen /person
Up to 3 people.

+1 hour extension

800 yen /person

2 hours

2,600 yen /person
Up to 5 people.

+1 hour extension

1,300 yen /person

4 hours

16,000 yen /group
Up to 10 people.

+1 hour extension

4,000 yen /group

Please note that these costs do not include transportation fees, food and drink, or entrance fees for any facilities. Please pay for these separately.

Meeting Place

Entrance fee

Facility entrance fee 1. Atomic bomb and Peace Park Tour Atomic bomb museum entrance fee: 200 yen
2. Dejima Tour Dejima entrance fee: 520 yen
3. Glover Garden Tour Glover Garden entrance fee: 620 yen
4. Suwa Shrine Tour no admission fee
5. Custom Tour Mt Inasa observatory lookout point. Round trip rope-way ticket 1,250 yen
City centre walking tour no fees
Transportation and Cruise Expenses Tram 140 yen for one journey (x2 for round trip)
Mt Inasa ropeway 1,250 yen (round trip) / 730 yen (one way)
Historical Ship Kankomaru Bay Cruise (1 hour) 2,000 yen
Battleship Island Cruise (2.5 hours) 4,510 yen

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