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Nagasaki Lantern Festival(Winter)

The Lantern Festival is a major event in Nagasaki's calendar. It originates from the "Spring Festival" celebrating the Chinese New Year. About 15,000 brightly coloured lanterns, and huge traditional displays decorate the center of Nagasaki city including Chinatown. Chinese performing arts are scheduled at the major Chinese cultural locations.

◆Schedule: 2019 February 5(Tue) – February 19 (Tue)
2020 January 25(Sat) – February 8 (Sat)
◆Location: Minato Park and others locations around the city


In Nagasaki kites are called “hata” unlike in other areas. These kites are not flown high, but are battled against each other with the intention to cut the opponent’s string mid-flight. It is said that this kite battle tradition began around the 18th century. The festival is held at two locations Mt. Kazagashira and Mt. Tohakkei

◆Schedule: Every Sunday from April to the beginning of May
◆Location: Mt. Kazagashira, Mt. Tohakkei

The Tall Ships Festival in Nagasaki(Spring)

Numerous large sail ships from across the world are gathered around the seaside park by Nagasaki port. This is the most impressive ship event in Japan. You can enjoy watching ‘sail drills’ where the crew of each ship spreads the white sails wraps them away making a breathtaking and picturesque sight.

◆Schedule: late April every year
◆Location: Nagasaki Seaside Park

Peiron Regatta(Summer)

Dragon Boat Racing was originally from China. It is said the first race was done in Nagasaki around 350 years ago in 1655. Now local teams fiercely compete a round-trip course on the choppy sea, keeping up traditions and athletic prowess.

◆Schedule: late April every year
◆Location: Matsugae Pier

Bon Festival-Spirit Boat Procession(Summer)

The Spirit Boat Procession is a traditional event in Nagasaki where the bereaved carry handmade boats to mourn the deceased’s spirits of their ancestors. Hundreds of people walk through the city pulling their spirit boat, and sending it to paradise. On the day and late into the evening, the sounds of the bells and fire-crackers dominate the city.

◆Schedule: August 15 every year
◆Location: various places in the city

Confucius Festival(Autumn)

The Confucius festival is a reproduction of the original festival in the Ming Dynasty. It celebrates the birth of Confucius, the father of Confucianism, and it is held at the Confucian shrine. A lion dance is performed in costumes, to remove bad spirits, and people present offerings of cows, pigs and goats.

◆Schedule: The last Saturday of September
◆Location: Confucius Shrine

Kunchi Festival(Autumn)

Nagasaki’s most famous festival is Kunchi, established at Suwa Shrine in 1634. Since then, with the help of the Nagasaki Magistrate, the festival increased in popularity year by year. Various dances, such as the dragon dance and kasaboko, were developed and added to the traditions. These dances are designated as an important intangible folk cultural property of Japan.

◆Schedule: October 7, 8 and 9 every year
◆Location: Suwa Shrine and various places in the city