NAGASAKI WALKS / The Best Way to enjoy Nagasaki is a Short Trip with a Nagasaki local!


About Nagasaki Walks

Nagasaki Walks is a volunteer guide organization that provides hospitality and English guidance for tourists. The tour guides are Nagasaki locals who want to make Nagasaki more accessible to foreign tourists. Not all of them are qualified tour guides, but they all are eager to make your trip to Nagasaki memorable, hassle free and informative. (We can accommodate groups of up to 10 people at a time.)

Our guides are grouped into three categories according to their English ability and knowledge of the sites. Please choose a guide that suits your needs.

1 - Nagasaki Walks Guides:

2 - Nagasaki Walks Guides: Available Times

You can book a guide at any time within the hours below:
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

3 - Meeting Place


Nagasaki Walks Pricing

The pricing for Nagasaki Walks is detailed in the table below. We handle the payments when you first meet with the guide at the arranged meeting spot. Please prepare your payment in Japanese Yen.

Welcome Attendant Tour Route Expert Custom Tour Plan

2 hours

1,200 yen / person

+1 hour extension

600 yen / person

2 hours

1,600 yen / person

+1 hour extension

800 yen / person

4 hours

12,000 yen / group

(up to 10 people)
Works out cheaper for groups larger than 4.

+1 hour extension

3,000 yen / group

(2019.4.1 - 2020.3.31)

Children under 14 years old are free.
Please note that these costs do not include transportation fees, food and drink, or entrance fees for any facilities. Please pay for these separately.

Facility entrance fee 1. Atomic bomb and Peace Park Tour Atomic bomb museum entrance fee: 200 yen
2. Dejima Tour Dejima entrance fee: 510 yen
3. Glover Garden Tour Glover Garden entrance fee: 610 yen
4. Suwa Shrine Tour no admission fee
5. Custom Tour Mt Inasa observatory lookout point. Round trip rope-way ticket 1,230 yen
City centre walking tour no fees
Transportation and Cruise Expenses Tram 130 yen for one journey (x2 for round trip)
Mt Inasa ropeway 1,230 yen (round trip) / 720 yen (one way)
Historical Ship Kankomaru Bay Cruise (1 hour) 2,000 yen
Battleship Island Cruise (2.5 hours) 4,500 yen

How to book a Nagasaki Walks Tour

  1. To book a tour please fill in the “Application Form For Nagasaki Walks Guide Services” with the date and time you need a guide, where you want to visit in Nagasaki.
  2. As soon as we have matched you with a guide, we will contact you by email. Please double check the time and place.
    (If no tour guide is available, then your application can not be met.)
  3. On the day, the guide will wait for you at the specified time and place. The guide will wear a Nagasaki Walks guide nametag and uniform, so please look out for them.
  4. If you are running late to meet your tour guide on the day, please let them know by phone & email as soon as possible.

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Cancellation Policy:

Please let us know about your cancellation at least 3 days before the tour. Email with “Nagasaki Walks Cancellation” as the subject, and your name, the date and time of your booking in the email. There will be no cancellation fee.


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